Summoned by Reaper

  Abt. 1867 Written on back - "S J T and Mrs Hass" These four tintypes have one sitter in common, Sarah Jane (nee Cartwright) Thompson and they offer the unusual opportunity at a glimpse of the sitter throughout different times in her life. I've done my best to date each image.  I studied the... Continue Reading →

Jet & Grace

This cabinet card came from a shop in Indianapolis, Indiana and was given to me by a friend who supports my love of found photos.  The two girls are identified on the back of the photo as Jet & Grace Norton.  The card carries the marking of the W.H. Butler New Gallery photography studio of... Continue Reading →

Gran Nana

abt. 1890 These five cabinet cards were in an antique shop in Auburn, Indiana.  Written on the back of one is “Grand Mother Kutcher,” on another “Gramdns,” and yet another “Gran Nana.”  Four of the photos were taken in Portland, Indiana.  The earliest image of Grandmother Kutcher as an infant has no photography studio markings. ... Continue Reading →

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