Isabella Moore’s Snapshot

bMrs Moore

This cabinet card was a lovely gift from a fellow photo collector.  In addition to the writing on the front of the card, identifying the sitter as Mrs. Moore, a cousin from Nova Scotia, there is writing on the reverse that narrows her identity to Mrs. W. H. Moore.  I’m grateful to the relative who added those initials, as without them, I would not have been able to make a confident match.

Based on Mrs. Moore’s fashion, I date the photo to the late 1880s, and I estimate that she is in her early fifties.  I find just one Mrs. W. H. Moore, living in the North Sydney area, who fits this framework.

Isabella Marian (nee Robertson), wife of William Henry Moore, lived in the province of Nova Scotia all her life.  She married William, in North Sydney, on July 14, 1863.  From the limited census records I was able to view, it appears that William was a merchant.  Three of Isabella’s six children died during childhood: Horace Edwin Moore remained in Canada throughout his life; Annie Moore married Thomas Campbell, a druggist, and they immigrated to the United States in 1897, living in Massachusetts and California; the youngest child, William Henry Adam, came to the US about 1916 and resided in Tennessee and Illinois.

Isabella died a widow, of old age, on November 1, 1921, in the Free Mason’s Home in Windsor.

I added memorials to Find A Grave for Isabella and William, and linked them with some of their children.  My hope is that a relative will come across the memorials, or this blog, and I can reunite the photo with her family.

Census records
Nova Scotia death records
Canada births and baptisms records –

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